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Equity Linked Saving Schemes: Tax Benefits With Mutual Funds

This is again that time of the year when most individuals (generally those who falls under tax bracket) start considering various tax-saving options available under Section 80C for the purpose of tax savings. Those who are doing job or service need to submit proof of their employer but those who have not invested till now will have to evaluate the options available and invest wisely. Many a time, tax saving becomes an end in itself and individuals end up investing in anything that comes to

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Building Mutual Fund Portfolio

With thousands of fund choices available in the market today, choosing any single fund or a combination of two or more funds for the purpose of building mutual fund portfolio can be challenging. Listed below are six such mistakes that one need to avoid when building mutual fund portfolio. Reacting To Short-Term Returns - Towards the end of the financial year or at the beginning of the New Year, investors tend to churn their mutual fund What they generally do is - sell the fund with the

4 Vital Tips to Help You Find Top Performing Mutual Funds

There are diverse sorts of investors one can find in the marketplace. Some are cautious while some are risk-taker. This particularly divides the universe of the investors into two distinct groups, (1) active investors and (2) passive investors. Passive investors tend to look for capital appreciation but not like the aggressive equity investors. Whether it is active investors or passive investors - the security of money, they have invested, is very important to both of them. Snazzy equity market

Systematic Investment Plan: How Advantageous It Is For the Investors

We all have one common desire, i.e. to become financially strong. But merely thinking about it is not sufficient; we have to work hard and take some action for achieving that desire. So, before moving towards it, we need to know what can help us to reach there. Everyone is aware that only money has the power of creating monies. Hence, the savings that we owe are the sources of reaching the financial goals and SIP - Systematic Investment Plan is the route for the same. What is SIP -

Mutual Fund Portfolio: 5 Essential Funds One Should Add

Building a mutual fund portfolio is very much similar to building a house; different types of materials to use, various designs, tools, and strategies, but each structure shares some basic features. With a bunch of schemes offered by the mutual fund houses left serious long term investors thoughtful which fund to include in their portfolio. Listed below are five such funds which helps investors to make ideal mutual fund portfolio; this is just like the basic structure of any investor’s core

Mutual Funds Investing: 4 Tips That Can Make You Millionaire

Every one of us wants to achieve success and earn a lot of money to lead a luxurious lifestyle. It is very much true that all of us cannot own a company which is as big as TCS or Reliance, but still, it is quite possible to earn a handsome amount for being able to afford a lavish lifestyle. This is the reason why mutual funds are a great tool of investing your surplus money particularly in the schemes which suit your investing needs. Read my article to know more about mutual funds. We all

Mutual Funds: All You Need To Know About It

Nowadays you are hearing more and more about mutual funds as a means of investment (Mutual Funds Sahi Hai is the most recent advertisement you may have come across - an investor education initiative powered by Association of Mutual Funds in India). If you are like most other individuals, you probably have most of your money either in a bank savings account or in government securities and your biggest investment may be in the form of home or gold. It is fact that investing is something that

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