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5 Lessons to Learn from Long Term Investors

Being in the stock market field one question that you always heard or you may have asked it to someone “HOW LONG IS LONG-TERM?”- Right? If you ask someone who is successfully investing in the stocks for a long time or have witnessed several market cycle would say that long term is infinite, and for him, long term investment time period never ends. This is because a serious long term investor would want to hold on to his/her investment forever. Because for him it’s more about attitude than

The Rule of 9-9-9 to Create Wealth

Every one of us wants to achieve success and earn a lot of money to lead a luxurious life. It is very much true that all of us cannot own a company which is as big as TCS or Reliance, yet at the same time, it is quite possible to earn a handsome amount for being able to afford a lavish lifestyle. Follow this 9-9-9 tips to create wealth and enjoy life. Pay All Debts That Have an Interest Rate > 9 Percent With the increasing interest rates, all the debts that have an interest rate more than 9

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Vishal is an MBA (Finance) post-graduate. He is the founder and owner of "FinBlab". His blog aims at providing information and research on Stock market and sectors including Mutual funds, IPOs, Insurance and more.

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